I was born in a chemical plant in south Texas, and grew up in a small town surrounded by areas of nature the woods, fields, and beach.  I was born with epilepsy, which presented itself as the ability to focus on a single thing for hours.  To pull it apart and abstract it.

"Born in a Chemical plant"

I’ve always held artists in great respect.  My early exposure to art was through fantasy book covers that belonged to parents and siblings.  This forged a link between story and image.  Later as I began reading comic books the idea of the narrative use of image became more important.

"A link between story and image"

In fine arts I am attracted to the Surrealist movement.  Though I don’t hold with Freudian psychoanalysis I do appreciate the attempt to understand our psychological landscape through story and image.  Having a great nearby resource like the Menil Collection in Houston is great inspiration.


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