Another step into the aether with the Tempest crew.

Last night I was hoping to get some work done with the mic boom. Unfortunately, I don’t have a connector for my computer to record with. Still waiting on the digital recorder purchase. Still it was a successful night. We had a great crew, and the use of Wayside Pub’s back room — thanks to them.

I was trying a new filming technique last night. Since one of my goals is to allow different people to assume the roles of the main characters, as I’m filming without a net so to speak, and a regular cast may not always be available. One problem with pulling people off the street to act, is having them learn lines. So, last night I broke the scene into blocks of 2 to 3 lines and recorded each block separately. After that I stitched them together. I actually had a new crew member for this filming, and their part had several lines in the scene, so this was a good test for that technique.

Although the basic technique shows promise, there are a few things I want to work on.

  1. Better cropping of the scenes.

  2. Centralize action in the frame, as rapid cuts may make action hard to follow.

  3. Moving the camera some after each shot. If the camera angle doesn’t change it just looks like bad editing.

I really wish we had the microphone set up for this filming. Some of the audio is getting lost. However, I also realized that I wasn’t bringing headphones for the camera person to review the audio in the clip. This probably would have helped us adjust our delivery.

I’m going to continue developing this film technique, and see where it takes us. Please enjoy the film test below.