Today we went out to check out the galleries in Houston.  We didn't have a specific plan, so there was a bit of meandering involved.

Started at 4411 Montrose.  Five galleries in the same building.  How have I never been to this place before?  At the Barbara Davis Gallery we saw the works of Yizhak Elyashiv and Ruth Shouval -- very nice work.  The Anya Tish Gallery was full of many different artists work.  They were having a 20th anniversary celebration, so congrats to them!  I liked the work from Adela Andea and Ondrej Coufal.  The David Shelton Gallery had a great show of Kelly O' Conner 'Hypnotic Void'.  The pieces were very well done, and there were a few I wanted to take home.  We stopped by the Cindy Lisca Gallery to see the Travis K. Schwab exhibition 'Plastics'.  Interesting work, and well executed.  Looking forward to the next opening at this gallery too.  We weren't able to visit the Unix Gallery unfortunately.  I've heard good things about the show, so I'm going to try and visit it again later.

After lunch we went ended up at the Redbud Gallery in the Heights.  We saw the works of Letitia Eldredge, 'Mythos, Logos, Pathos'.  If you get a chance look at this work.  Very cool.

Then a quick swing by Mother Dog Studios to check my keys on the new doors, and we ended up at the Devin Borden Gallery.  Two really great shows were going on.  Richard Nix's radius drawings were super engaging.  And the work from Russell Prince blew me away with the level.  Super good.

We ended the day at the Samara Gallery.  Great place, great people, and great art.  The had Gus Kopriva's collection on display, which had cool stuff in it.  Also, they had Ayad Fadel's 'Wishes and Memories' show.  Ayad's work was extremely cool -- a must see.

Pretty good for a first crawl