Through the Box People series I am exploring what it means to be.  A box, like a person, is a vessel that can exist beyond the need for it’s existence.  What is an empty box?  What is the purpose of a box that contains nothing, or that is not being kept by another for future use?  The wild boxes that roam the streets and highways and fields exist with their own purpose, and do not necessarily ask us to provide that purpose for them.  

The Team Lift project came about as I was contemplating the work for the new year.  I was thinking about the past work, and past collaborations, and was brought back to my work with many great artists in a group we called “Team Lift”.  With this new work I want to comment on the individual and the group.  The solitary boxes that are in need of a team.  The way the group lifts the individual, and the hope that by working together we can lift up everyone.

All the pieces in the Team Lift project have routing lists on the back.  My signature is the first name in the routing.  It is my hope that as time goes on these pieces will gather names as they are passed along, and by that create a team of people joined by their common interest.