I start projects all the time.  I would like to believe that the trajectory of the project is determined by the way it starts.  This means that I spend a lot of time worrying about how to start a project rather than just doing it.  I know this is not necessarily true.

For all those people who somehow find their way to this beginning, I hope that there is something amazing after it which drew you here.  There's really not much to the beginning of this project; however, I will attempt to explain here why this happened.

I first read The Tempest in High School.  I really liked the characters, and their motivations.  After graduation I thought I might create a cyberpunk version.  However, life had other plans and I never got around to that project until now.

My goal now is to take the screenplay I started and break it up into short segments which my acting crew would be able to fit into their busy lives.  I also plan to write a comic which follows some of the threads that we are not able to film (probably due to no special effects budget).

I expect that this will not be perfect.  I expect that characters will be played by multiple actors depending on who is available for filming.  I expect that the comic will never get past the first few pages.  I know this may seem like I'm beating this project up before it's even started, and I am.  I also like to set my expectations as low as possible when I start a new project because that makes it easier to jump onto the next project that comes along (the obvious reason for not finishing something).

In this I feel a certain connection to Prospero.  I see a fault in the fact that he cares more about his books and learning than running the ship of state, which leads to him getting washed up on the island.  There are always fun aspects of any project and there is the day to day of getting it done.  I hope that this project keeps sailing through to the end.