With the new year on the horizon we say goodbye to 2017 at Late Nite Pie with friends and board games.  I reflect on the board game as analogy for life.  There is the appearance of chance (good luck or bad) when we roll the dice, but the path is set before us already.  Although it seems at times that some people are moving ahead of us or behind us, we cannot roll higher or lower than the dice we have.  So, in general our lives follow a similar tempo and path to the people we play with.

When the game is done we move on to the next game.  Sometimes we move to different games, and our lives will not cross for a time.  And, sometimes we choose to keep playing the same game again and again.

Sometimes I think we get caught up on the rolls and the moves and the rules, and forget the board.  It would be nice if every day I had time to enjoy all the rooms in my home and the lawn outside and scenery on the way to work and the people and interact with all day.  However, sometimes I just try to move through it, so I can get to the next roll which will may bring "happiness".  Therefore, I was moved to do some research about board game artists, as a way to remind me to think about the board and not just the next move in 2018.

Here are some links I found on board game artists (enjoy):